• Ready, Fire, Aim

    I had a revelation at a Friends of the Kentville Library meeting this week. We were talking about starting to collect memberships. I immediately jumped into planning mode, yet again.

    I looked at the faces looking at me and all past discussions about this subject flashed through my mind. And there have been plenty of them. I realized we were done with planning; it was time to start doing!Just start Doing!

    This, strictly speaking, isn’t news to me, but seeing it through a whole group of people’s eyes, I realized, despite all my work on this issue, I still have issues with it.

    I love planning! I could spend my whole day planning and I would if it weren’t for those pesky clients. (Just kidding – I love bookkeeping, too and working with clients is usually all about planning with and for them)

    What does all this have to do with January’s topic of Other Money? Let’s just say I’ve been planning up a storm for the Kings County Small Business Conference and not doing as much as I should. As they say: Ready Fire Aim!

    On to what I did do:
    The other, public BOSC blog is monetized in that it has google ad sense, and several affiliate links in the bodies of the posts. I have made a total of $5.33, which I made from Google ad sense the first day. The ads must not make as much sense as we’d like, because people haven’t clicked on them. There are ways to optimize them and I will work on that, soon. Yes, the planning is done for it. The process of setting up payment for Google Ad Sense includes them testing my account with a small transfer, so I have actually received a total of $1.11. Woohoo! The payout is set for $100. At this rate it might be a while before I get any more money.

    I have kept up with the posting. I now have a total of 3 blogs for me ( this one, the public BOSC http://businessownerssuccessclub.blogspot.com/ and the newsletter blog Crystal Clarion http://crystalclarion.wordpress.com/ ), 1 for the Friends of the Kentville Library http://kentvillelibrary.wordpress.com/ and 1 Squidoo Lens (with $0.85 sitting there just waiting until I earn a total of $20) http://www.squidoo.com/financialSMARTS. I manage to post something to each on a regular basis.

    How are you doing this month? Leave a comment to tell us your thoughts, experiences and plans for making Other Money.

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