• February Meeting – Cash Flow

    February 7 at one of the Kings CED boardrooms 9:30-11:30.

    February’s Business Owner Success Club theme is Cash Flow in keeping with our quarterly focus on money.

    190891461.jpgWe will look at how money flows through your business, where the bottlenecks tend to be and how to open the floodgates. Cash flow management is often one of those areas of business people ‘ostrich’ about. They think if they don’t look they won’t know how bad it really is.

    Does that sound familiar to you? When things get tight, you stop looking? When you finally sit down, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you find out it’s not quite as bad as you thought and you can figure out a plan to pull it together. The not knowing makes it worse. How much easier is it to proceed when you take control of your money situation?

    By the end of our first meeting you will feel more comfortable about money and you will have some very good tools to help you.  If you are interested, click the How We Work button above.
    For a couple of tools that will help you with cash flow see this new post http://businessownerssuccessclub.blogspot.com/

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