• What can you do right now to make the biggest impact on your success?

    Write down your goals.
    Start by pretending it is 1 year from now. Write down where you are. For example: I have the best kitchen. The walls are painted a pretty colour and the new south-facing windows bring in a ton of light for my window sill herb jungle. There is plenty of counter top space and I love cooking great meals for my family.

    Write statements for a few different things you want to accomplish – where you’ve traveled, who you spend time with, how you make your living.

    Do it for 6 months and again for 3 months from now. This will form the basis for your planning. If in a year I want a renovated kitchen, in 6 months I should be starting it and in 3 months I should have the plans done and be looking for quotes.

    Which brings me to today. What can you do this week, today to move you forward on this goal?

    For me, I will stop by the local building supply and start gathering ideas for counter tops, flooring and cabinets.

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