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    Giving from the Heart by Clearly Ambiguous

    Giving from the Heart by Clearly Ambiguous

    Give people what they want

    The best and most effective way to increase your bottom line is to give people what they want.  Make your product/service the best it can be.  The more you help your customers to serve their customers/family/community the more they will buy from you and talk about you.

    Give to get known

    I ran the free Crystal Clear Lunch & Learn series for 3 years.  I did it because there were speakers I wanted to hear and meet and I thought others would feel the same way.  People talked about the series and media covered it.  It was the only marketing I did and I was able to grow my business as much as I needed over that time.

    Give without expecting anything in return

    When you are handed a flower in the airport, you expect to be asked for a donation.  It becomes a transaction.  How refreshing to get something with no expectation of anything in return.  How do you feel about the last person who gave you something?

    Give what you can

    Don’t give until it hurts.  That just hurts you and makes others feel bad.  We all have many things to give that are easy for us to give.  What you can give is different from what I can give and between us we have it all covered.

    Giving works

    Seth Godin is launching his new book Linchpin.  You can read here how he has taken a new, giving way to launch it out into the world.

    January is about asking the question ‘How will you know when you get there?’

    You have to believe that you deserve and believe in yourself.  You need a clear compelling vision to work towards.  You need to take action to move yourself where you want to go.  The best way to get what you want is to give to others.

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