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    How do you get yourself going in the morning? Do you have morning rituals to set the tone for a great day? When do you get up? What is your breakfast of champions?

    Many of the gurus suggest an early rising routine complete with healthy acts for mind and body. What you do first thing in the morning affects the rest of your day. Most suggest you do the most important first and that should mean looking after you.

    Some of the common morning rituals mentioned are:
    • Get up early
    • Drink lots of water
    • Meditate
    • Read
    • Write
    • Journal
    • Run/walk/bike
    • Yoga
    • Work out
    • Eat a good breakfast

    I’d like to do them all, but it would take all day. Last spring I was getting up at 6 to write for an hour on a book about Money and Small Business. I enjoyed that time; I still get up early when I can. This is pretty amazing for someone who has been a night owl most of my life.

    My perfect morning routine would have me getting up at 6, writing for an hour, yoga for 30 minutes, meditating for 15 minutes, reading for an hour, eating a healthy breakfast and walking to work (20 minutes). All by 9:00. Add in kids, husband, household and personal hygiene and the time is busted.

    For example, here are a few other people’s morning routines:

    Here’s what the Dalai Lama does:
    Gina Trapani interviewed by Tim Ferris
    Tim Ferriss breakfast

    What do you do?

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