8 responsesso far.

  1. Kamil Ali says:

    Thanks Frances,

    Nice sharing. I won’t be a good writer after subscribing that blog 🙂

    • You are right Kamil. It takes more than subscribing, I’ll have to work at it, too.

      Huge Kudos to you for working in a second (or third?) language. My college English professor asked me if, maybe English wasn’t my first language.

  2. Joshua says:

    I disagree with you, Frances.

    You are a good writer because you care. There is a real person behind your words that wants to help.

    You are a good writer because you use simple language.

    You are a good writer because you acknowledge you’re not perfect. Instead of pretending, you openly seek out the wisdom of those who have more experience.

    Steven Pressfield’s blog is indeed excellent. I’ll agree with you there.

  3. Thanks, Joshua. I can see an improvement as I have pledged to write most days. I am becoming better technically.

    I have resigned myself to not being able to write a beautiful piece of work. My writer friends tell me that after the blood sweat and tears, they often end up with writing that sings. It could be that I don’t go as far as I need to, because I end up with a piece that is good enough.

    • Joshua says:

      But you do write beautiful pieces of work. Your posts are relevant and simple to understand. Most importantly, they come from the heart. That’s what makes them really sing.

      • Frances Schagen says:

        Thank you, Joshua.

        I learn from every blog I read, including yours. I love how you can write long and still engaging posts.