• Business as Experiment

    I haven’t been here for a while.  I’ve been doing.  TEDxNovaScotia, growing Crystal Clear Bookkeeping to 3 full-time people (I’m aiming for 5 by the end of the year) and starting a new venture: Repair-Share.

    That hasn’t left me much time for reflecting, let alone writing.

    It’s funny how much I’ve started noticing people expressing a need to stop and write up what they have just done.  I can see the value in that.  I wish I did that.  I’ve sat in front of my computer a few times to write up what’s going on only to just not start.  I couldn’t think of where to start.

    I don’t think of myself as a writer.  So I don’t think of writing as a tool I can effectively use to gather and sift my thoughts.  I don’t think of writing as my best way to communicate what I want to share.

    I gather information – from books, talking to people, listening and watching – and I use it.  But I never stop long enough to fully form new ideas about it.  At least not well enough to share completed thoughts with you.  I apply the new, observe the results and tweak it.  Rinse, repeat.  It’s always in Beta, not finished enough to write the report and send it out for peer review.

    I’ve just gone through a period of change.  I can’t tell you when it started or when it will end, probably never.  I’m not even sure I can articulate where/how/what.   The results, at least for now, seem to be more of an ability to let go.  That means asking for and receiving help with the projects I want to do and not feeling impatient when they don’t take off.  This is huge for me!

    I can’t stop grinning right now.  I see the world as a place of abundance for me.  I feel less concerned about what I don’t have, what I’m not doing, where I am not.  I’m focusing more on what I do have, what I am doing and where I am.  As I look more in the here and now, I can see the opportunities and I make things even better.

    I wish I could promise to write twice a week without fail from now on.  It’s what I have in my schedule.  But that would just lead to guilt.  I want to help every small business owner build the perfect business for them.  I see that as the best contribution I can make to making the world a better place.

    For now, I will share my story.  I’ve been a scientist, I will try to think of this as an ongoing experiment and write up the methodology and observations twice a week without worrying about results.

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