• Three Days In – Progress

    Work is progressing nicely on the Welcome package for CCBL business owners.  It’s an interesting exercise in understanding who we help the most, who loves our service, what expectations we have and what expectations we have had problems with in the past.

    This welcome package is helping me get clarity around what is important for our business owners, ways we can make things easier for them and some ideas for making communication flow better.

    I’m also getting ideas for the revamping of the website in terms of setting the right expectations about what we can and can’t and shouldn’t do.  A quick aside on the website revamp: I took Tad Hargrave’s Marketing course last year and he totally changed the way I think about my website.  The fact that it has taken me almost a year to implement it is all on me, not him.  He’s giving another series of workshops across Canada including a stop in Halifax.  I highly recommend it.  A very meaty, practical workshop and Tad is an interesting guy (not just because he’s a fellow Dr Who fan).

    I’ll post the Welcome Package and a link to the revamped site, once they are done.

    I’m meeting with several people this week to move R-S ahead with doing some Community Projects.  Once I have a project(s) set up, I’ll post a link.

    I think of myself as pretty fearless; and I am in some ways.  So it surprises me when I realize I’m not taking action on a project because of fear.  The voice in my head keeps mocking me with, “Who are you to be helping people grow their businesses when you are not a super-successful person yourself”    From some angles, I am successful; from others – not so much, yet.  Fear seems to be the dominant block for me right now.

    Last week at a “Grow Your Business” Train-the-Coach workshop, I got to be the coach and the entrepreneur.  At one point one of the members in my group turned to me and said, “You should be rich.  With all you know and all you have to offer, why aren’t you working with a bunch of people who are paying you plenty to help them?  You have what they need.”  I didn’t have an answer for him.  So when I said I would work on revenue streams for BOSC, I know it’s not a matter of information.  There are plenty of models out there of people helping business owners succeed.  It’s all about courage.  (A big Thank you to my friend Regine for sending me courage.)

    I have set up a Ning Community that I hope to plan to make a paid group in the future.   To start, I am inviting some members to get it going. It’s where I am posting resources as we go.  It’s where we can all discuss how we are doing and what we need.  If you would like an invite, please let me know (BOSC at Clear To You dot com) and I’ll send you one.

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