• Finishing

    Finishing is on my Mind

    I am a great starter. I thrive on having several projects on the go at once. I often find synergies and efficiencies that way.

    I’m not so great at finishing. I have many jobs and projects waiting for the last check, the last edit, or the last bit of research to get them off my desk and onto someone else’s desk. These jobs tend to pile up as I give in to the resistance to finishing them.

    There are lots of reasons to resist finishing. Once it’s done, I have to put it out there to be judged or, worse, ignored. What if I miss something? Once it’s done, I won’t get to work on it any more and I enjoy all my projects.

    There are better reasons to finish the work. I can get paid for it. I will learn from the feedback. I can move on to the next project.

    I spent some time this weekend thinking about finishing and my resistance to it. Thinking it through and practising a few techniques on the idea. I’m ready this week to finish off a few lingering projects.

    It feels great to clear them away.

    How about you? How many projects do you like to do at once? How are you at finishing? Do you do a clean sweep once in a while?

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