• Week 4 – Vision

    Your vision is your ‘big-picture why’ of what you are doing. The bigger your vision, the more compelling and exciting it is.

    Compelling and exciting attracts more people. People want to work on a project that is bigger than they are, that helps more people, that is exciting. They will engage in what you are doing and offer you more of themselves; and they will have fun while they do it. Money is not as big a motivator as it has been in the past. People are looking to work on something that is bigger than they are.

    Compelling and exciting keeps you engaged through the tough times. Every project has its ups and downs and its stumbles. There will be plenty of opportunity for you to question your resolve and to give up. Without a compelling and exciting vision, you will give up. If you are working towards something really big, you will push through those tough times.

    You have a vision. It may be hiding under layers of l

    ogic and other people’s expectations. You have a deep reason for what you do. Once you uncover it, the reasons for some of the decisions you have made will become clearer.

    The 5 Whys is a great technique to uncover your underlying reasons – your big WHWhy?Y.

    For instance, here at the BOSC. why are we doing this?
    We want to unite small business owners to help each other


    We think it takes a community to build a business

    Building a successful business takes more skills, insight, talent, courage and creativity than any one person has.

    Business owners are the passionate, productive, innovative people who willingly work hard to make their community a better place.

    By supporting them, we feel we are making the world a better place.

    Our vision here at BOSC is to connect and support you, no, us – all of us, so that we have the capacity to make each of our communities a better place. When we all do that, the world will become a better place.

    photo by Buzz Farmers

    Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
    The business owners success club brings business owners together to help each other. Pass this along to other business owners you know and encourage them to sign up on the website. http://businessownerssuccessclub.com/

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