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Business isn't a linear, paint-by-numbers, follow-these-steps, cookie-cutter experience

It's more like a series of columns holding up a roof. If you want to make your business better, you have to build up and shore up each column. When you do that, you put strain on other columns. If you don't attend to those, they will begin to crumble. All the while the ground beneath is shifting and heaving.

Is it any wonder you feel like you are always behind and always working just to stay in place. Or worse, working hard and losing ground.

The perfect plans you made last year, don't even apply anymore. All the assumptions changed. The market change, the way your customers engage with your business has changed, you have changed.  You want to make your business grow/morph/expand/or even contract in the best ways so that you get what you need. But you are racing from column to column fixing them.




You are past the Startup phase.

Sales are okay, profit is reasonable  You have it dialed in.

Now you want to make it effortless


  • Your business isn't running smoothly

  • It feels like you are constantly patching your columns and not making any progress

  • You are spending more time, energy and your resources than you want to just keep it running

  • It's still easier to for you to do 'it' rather than let someone else do 'it'

  • You would like to take more time away, but when you do, it just causes more problems than it is worth

  • You feel that business should be simpler than it this

  • You know the 100s of things you could be doing in your business, but

  • You aren't sure what to work on next

  • The idea of Your Effortless Business seems like a dream - ideal, but unattainable (it IS attainable)

If you said yes to any of these, the Small Business Academy is for you




The Small Business Academy is the answer:

thomas-hafeneth-womanHow you can make your business strong and sturdy

  • Your business would attract the best customers.

  • You would have an engaged and happy team helping you

  • You would be able to step away when you wanted

  • You would be proud of your contribution to your community and your industry.

  • You would enjoy your life and you would have time and energy for family and friends.

  • You would be making enough profit to continually invest in growing your business and to give you a great life and future.

Isn't that why you got into business? Didn't you think you would be there by now?

Every small business owner I work with, thinks they should be 'further along' than they are. The Small Business Academy can help you get there.

 The Small Business Academy shows you the Small Business Operating System - a no-nonsense, intuitive, framework for small business owners who don't have MBAs. SB/OS focuses on people.

You will work through the 11 Essential Algorithms. Put together, these 11 algorithms make up your effortless business.

The secret is in continual evaluation against a template that will show you exactly where to focus your attentions to give you the best results. You will eliminate all but the most essential columns and make them tall and strong.

You will know exactly what to do next and next and next to make your business easier and more profitable for you.






This isn't another classroom type setting with videos from someone telling you how they do it. That's not an efficient way of learning. You won't find hours of videos and books worth of reading. The Small Business Academy is about action!

You get a clear view of your business as it is. You get a clear vision of where you are headed, and why. You get an evaluation process that clearly shows you your next best steps.


You get Your Effortless Business




I can help you.I owned a bookkeeping business for 15 years and got to dive deeply into 100s of small businesses. I saw what worked and what didn't. I saw that some of my business owners were thriving and some were struggling. I had to figure out the difference in what they did.

I read over 50 books a year. I have engaged in the coolest organization on the planet - TED. I attended TEDGlobal, was license holder for TEDxNovaScotia, and attended the TEDSummit in Doha, Qatar. I got to talk to some of the coolest business thinkers like Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Mitch Joel and Jonathon Fields in an online book club I started several years ago.

I took everything I learned to figure out how you can make Your Effortless Business.

In fact, I wrote the book.


I designed the Small Business Operating System (SB/OS) An intuitive way to run small business for small business owners who don't have an MBA.

I identified the 11 Essential Algorithms you need to make a business easier and more profitable.

I took what I learned teaching financial management for non-financial managers and rejigged it to teach business management for non-business business owners. Then I broke down everything I learned about teaching to adult learners and designed exercises and programs that teach by doing. Because you learn best by doing and you don't want theory, you want to work on your business. These mini projects are work you do on your business, not another case study.

You don't get lessons. You don't get talking heads. You get miniprojects you do in your business. Each is designed to fill in a piece of your business.

We don't want you in here, unless you are here to do the work and make progress. This isn't about the sale. It's about helping as many small business owners as possible.

I gathered the latest research on game theory to make it fun. If it isn't fun, it will be harder for you to do and you won't make .






You already know what to do. Your challenge is in choosing the one next thing that will give you the best results.

The Small Business Academy takes you by the hand to lead you through a proven process for making Your Effortless Business. Each step is a mini project that you apply to your business. You aren't learning theory, then left to figure out how to make it work for you. You are given what you need to accomplish each improvement to the way your business works.

You get

  • Mini projects, that you implement in your business. You get everything you need and the step by step instructions about how to do it. You start seeing results immediately.

  • Resources, tools, hints, tips, tricks and hacks to help you do all the things you need to do. We have a curated selection of the best.

  • Just in time learning material - video, discussion, written, podcast and more created every week

  • Weekly office hours to get immediate feedback and answers

  • Online forum where you and other business owners share your experiences, results, stories and mutual support.


This isn't an easy button, you have to do the work, but we give you what you need. You will see sustained, continual, proven improvements every month and a huge increase in  results for your efforts.


All for only $49 CDN per month

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Your personalized program is hand-made for you based on a series of questions you answer. Together we will see your best place to start; where you will get the best results and where you will get the biggest return for your efforts. Make no mistake about it; this report alone is worth thousands of dollars (try finding a strategist to write you a plan for less). I figured out a way to do it efficiently and with no wasted effort.

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