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Join the Business Owners Success Club

To meet other small business owners just like you because we need a community to help us succeed.

For support, accountability, mentorship, cheerleading, bushwhacking, ideas, courage, sounding board, hurdle-jumping, hugging, problem-solving, networking, commiserating, celebrating and letting you know you are not alone.

Become a BOSCer for only Cnd$10 a month. The price is going up as the group grows and the vault of resources grows, but your price will always be $10/month if you join now.

You won't be alone anymore. It's like having your own advisory board, seasoned mentor and mastermind group all in one. When you need it.

We have all the information we need. When we need any more information, we need the right information at the right time. We don’t need another 101 workshop or to read more books, blogs or quotes. There are plenty of courses, workshops, communities, books, blogs, and videos to teach you what to do. In the Business Owners Success Club we work together to help you find out how you should do it for your business, your talents, strengths and resources.

Here is a place where we have real conversations about how to do what you already know you need to do. We share stories of how we did it. We learn examples of how others did it.

The Business Owners Success Club is a place to gather and share with each other. This is a place of people with a range of expertise, a range of experience and a range of personalities so you can connect with what you need when you need it most.

We will choose one aspect of business a month to work on together. You can play along or not, based on your time, your needs and your interest.

The Business Owners Success Club will be responsive to your needs and the needs of all members and we are willing and open to morph slowly so you get exactly what will help you most.

Be one of the early joiners. You will have the best of both worlds - the intimacy of a small group to start and the diversity of a large group as we grow. Join Now

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