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To learn how to make your business work for you - the way you work.

You are on this page because something I have done resonates with you. You agree with me that business shouldn't be as hard as it is seems. You want to and you are ready to make steady progress to making your business work better for you.

You want to play along with me as I continue to research, test and gather data about better ways to run small business. You want to add your experience and your insights to the work we are doing here.

You get to tap my 30 years experience, with 1000s of small business owners. You get the wisdom from 1000s of books, podcasts, conferences and meetups. You get me in your corner helping you to make consistent, deliberate, compounding improvement to your business every month.

Become a BOSCer for only Cnd$10 a month. The price is going up on November 1, 2017, but your price will always be $10/month if you join now.

There is too much information 'out there'. More than you could every read, let alone use effectively. What you need is the right information at the right time. You don’t need another 101 workshop or to read more books, blogs or quotes. There are plenty of courses, workshops, communities, books, blogs, and videos to confuse you and waster your time.

In the Business Owners Success Club you find out exactly what to do for your business, based on your talents, strengths and resources. And you find out how to do it right.

Here is a place where we have real conversations about how to do what you need to do. We share stories of how we did it. We learn examples of how others did it.

The Business Owners Success Club is a place to gather and share with each other. This is a place of people with a range of expertise, a range of experience and a range of personalities so you can connect with what you need when you need it most.

We will choose one aspect of business every month to work on together. You can play along or not, based on your time, your needs and your interest.

The Business Owners Success Club will be responsive to your needs and the needs of all members and we are willing and open to morph slowly so you get exactly what will help you most. We don't have a program. It will unfold as we dive deeper into what it takes to make your business work better for you.

How you know this is for you:

You have been in business long enough to be well past the start up phase.

You are a rebel. You don't follow the same path as everyone else. You only do things that make sense to you.

You can see that the world is changing. Your customer's and staff's expectations are changing. Your expectations and your needs are changing. You know your business needs to change too. You would like to explore these things in a way that recognizes that you have had great success in the past. You want to keep doing the successful things you did, but update them and try them in new ways.

You aren't interested in fads. You have seen them come and go.

You aren't interested in fluff. You don't want trite, surface answers. You don't want or need cheer leading.

You like do-it-yourself. You want to find out what works, get the details and try it.

You like to share what works for you and you like helping other business owners.

You are open to trying new things.

You believe that business is about people, not theory. You believe that what works for one business doesn't always work for every business and you want to learn a better way to figure out what will work for you.

You know that your business could be easier and more profitable and you are willing to do the work to make it that way.

You are willing to work on structural change in your business, too. This isn't a place of tactics and tricks. I think that the fundamental way we put our businesses together and run them is broken. You can make small fixes to the way you do your business that will make your business easier and more profitable.

Be one of the early joiners. You will get personal assistance from me.  You will have the best of both worlds - the intimacy of a small group to start and the diversity of a large group as we grow. Join Now Your price will never change.

This is not for you if:

You need hand holding

You are looking for people to tell you you are always right. We tell the truth and we don't sugar coat it.

You don't like change. Please don't join if you aren't willing to come in with an open mind.

You think this is a place to find customers.

You are not willing to be generous and to tell the truth - even when it is hard.

You believe that business success comes from getting back to the basics of marketing, finance, operations and human resources. There are plenty of places where you can get that. Not here. We believe that business is about people and we build our businesses that way.

You are looking for the one magic bullet: the strategy or tactic that will save the day. There isn't one thing, there are thousands. Your job, and what we will help you do, is find that set of things to do that will work for you.

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