• How long does 12 last?

    If i say I’m going to do something at noon, how long do I have available to do it?

    If I say I am doing 2 different things at noon, am I wrong?

    Noon is an exception, to me, noon lasts an hour. Most top(and bottom)-of-the-hours last 20 minutes – from 10 to until 10 after (quarter to or after then, lasts 10 minutes).

    I don’t think I’m wrong to say I will leave the house, stop at my office (3 minute drive away) and then go pick up the mail (a 5 minute walk) at 1.

    Problems arise when two people have different ideas about how long time lasts. As in:

    “What time are you leaving?”
    “Are you leaving at 9:00 or getting to your office at 9:00?” (remember it’s a 3 min drive).
    “Same thing”
    “No it’s not. In one case you leave at 8:55 (in case of contingencies) and in the other you leave at 9.”
    “I’m leaving when I’m ready”
    “When will that be?”
    Frustration on both sides.

    How long does a time last?

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