• Social Media Mix

    Mitch Joel wrote a post about how Facebook is no longer just a destination, it’s a platform. Then he wrote about Content being everywhere.  When a story breaks, like AOL buying HuffPost this week, you read about it through the regular news outlets, then you read Arianna’s post on HuffPost, then see what’s showing up in Twitter and what your friends on Facebook are saying.  You’ll probably check with several tuned in blogs to see what they have to say about it.

    It’s no longer about a destination. The content is everywhere. You don’t just have to read this Blog post and comment here. You can read it on Facebook, on a Blog aggregator and you can comment anywhere you wish (on Twitter, YouTube… you name it). – Mitch Joel

    Social Media isn’t about getting your message out there.  It’s not about being on the right platform to engage your ideal client.  It’s about being a part of the ongoing conversation.

    How many platforms do you engage in?  Which ones do you check with the most?

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