• Bookkeeping is Changing

    Bookkeeping is changing – in a big way.  I was hit with that reality squarely between the eyes in the past few week.  If I hadn’t been thinking so deeply about business models and customer service, I might have mistaken the incidents as the challenges of business.

    Take it back to the basics and what are we trying to do at Crystal Clear Bookkeeping?  We are trying to make business easier for business owners.  Timely, accurate financial information is essential to making timely accurate business decisions.

    "Mr Shojiro", holding an abacus

    "Mr Shojiro", holding an abacus

    Getting that information is no longer about penciling long columns of numbers and adding them up.  It’s not even about entering each transaction into an accounting program.  Now it’s about pushing a button and having all the transactions entered at once from your bank account, your credit cards and any other programs you use, such as an invoicing program.

    Then it’s a matter of refining the information: that Staples receipt is for a desk, not $500 worth of paper and pencil office supplies.

    This is an exciting time for us.  Our job is not data entry; our job is now, designing accounting solutions using a myriad of apps and tools and training people to use them.  Or our job is refining the entries and creating useful reports that tell our Business Owners what they need to know about their business.  Our job is not that commodity service of data entry.

    Every Industry is changing.  You have a choice: Get with the program or get left behind.

    What’s changing in your Industry?

    How do you do your bookkeeping?

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