• The Five Stages of Business Growth by Todd Herman

    I love this post by Todd Herman. If you are in business, I suggest you check it out to clarify what stage you are in and what you should be focused on in that stage.

    The Five Stages of Business Growth

    Here is why I love it:

    First: it is a pillar post

    A pillar post is one you can point to over and over. It marks a line in the sand that says, “This is what I am talking about.”

    Second it brilliantly sums up the 5 stages of business growth

    The conventional business stages are: start up, growing and mature. That wasn’t robust enough and it didn’t take the nuances of what it takes to shine in those stages into account.

    Third: It is chock full of actionable advice

    It’s not just a listing of the stages, it also tells you how you can tell what stage you are in. It tells you the pitfalls of that stage and the solutions to those pitfalls. It tells you how you should be thinking and what you need to focus on.

    Forth: It positions him as a thought leader

    He has given you the proof that he has a deep understanding of business and the 5 stages of business growth.

    Fifth: This post clarified for me that I work with business owners in the Ramp Up and Scale Up stages

    I help you if you are in those stages of growth. You have sales – it might be boom and bust. You are profitable and you are growing. Your business is messy and you are feeling overwhelmed. You feel like your business is taking everything you have to give it and it still wants more. The SB/OS (small business operating system) offers the alternative view of business as being the 3 Journeys in your business: yours, your customer’s and your team’s. The Essential Eleven Algorithms shows you clearly which systems to put into place. The System Creation Tool shows you how. Everything you need to give you a path through those 2 stages is in Your Effortless Business Guide.

    Your Effortless Business Guide

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