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lone wolf

You Don’t Have to be a Lone Wolf

You Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Running a business can be lonely. It doesn’t matter how much staff you have, or friends and family. Unless they run a small business, they have no idea how it feels.

Your staff only want to hear how wonderful everything is.

Your employed friends don’t understand.

Your family just want the best for you and to them that means security.

It’s hard to talk to others in your industry locally. Sometimes it’s even hard to talk to others in business.

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From the book, Sailing Away From Winter: A cruise from Nova Scotia to Florida and beyond by Silver Donald Cameron.

There’s always a way – and if the first doesn’t work, there’s a second and a third.  If you don’t know how to do it, your neighbour does.  Someone in the village has the tools you need; just ask around.  The greatest tool of all is the community itself, with its pool of knowledge and imagination.  With that, you can certainly move boats.  And wharves.  And houses.  And probably mountains as well.

And businesses!