• Communicating Your Brand

    We’ve talked about Branding and we’ve talked about Communicating. Now let’s talk about Communicating your Brand.

    Your advertising is an opportunity for you to explicitly communicate your brand. You have complete control over what others think about your brand. You are telling potential customers who you are, who you deal with and what they can expect. The language you use is critical to getting this right.

    Michel Fortin has an uncanny knack for writing persuasively. A direct response copywriter and consultant for close to 20 years, he knows how to use words to “grab readers by the eyeballs,” boost response to record rates and transform floundering businesses into mega-moneymaking machines.

    See. Those are his words, not mine and that’s why I’ll defer to him. He wrote a blog post about the 5 copywriting formulas he uses to write great copy. You can check that out here.

    Crystal Clear Action

    1. Go to the Marketing Brainstorm Lunch & Learn on May 17 for ideas
    2. Read Michel’s blog post
    3. Write your ad
    4. Review your ad with each formula
    5. Test, test and test
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