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Here’s the thing, you are an expert in serving your customers. You are an expert in your business. You could be an expert in making your business work even better for you and you could be, or you already are, an expert in attracting a great team and helping them engage and grow with you.

You don’t need to know how to craft the perfect ad, if your customers are thrilled with what you do and are telling everyone they meet. Attracting and keeping happy and engaged employees is easy when you treat them as humans, rather than a number, or a resource to be exploited. You can master that. Everything you do in your business should be for the benefit of your customers, your staff and you, rather than made up metrics from a business text book.

What makes one business owner thrive and another struggle?


I am Frances Schagen, business strategist and founder of Business Owners Success Club.

I owned Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Ltd. for 15 years which gave me the privilege of diving deep into 100s of small businesses. I got to see what works and what doesn’t.

All of my clients were good at what they did and they all worked hard. But some got a great results, most did okay and some continually struggled. I had to figure out what made the difference.

The business owners who did really well, ignored conventional advice about building a ‘solid’ business  and focused on making the people in their business happy.

I took everything I learned and wrote the book, Your Effortless Business. It is full of great advice for you about how to make your business and your life more, well, effortless.

I continued to dive deeper because you need a way to apply this radical (sort of) way to run a business. I created a system and processes to teach you how to make Your Effortless Business.

There is a better way

Small Business Operating System (SB/OS)

The SB/OS is about the 3 people in your business: you, your customers and your team. Each takes a journey through your business that starts with Attraction, moves to Engagement and culminates with being Served & Delighted.

Your job is to carefully and creatively craft those journeys. You have 3 levers you can use to make those journeys work: your environment, their experience and the value exchange.

Your Effortless Business can be that simple.

Join us to build a business that gives you the life you want.

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We’re all great at some things and together we are great at all of it.


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