• New Year’s Planning Tools

    I look forward to Carrie and Danielle’s email every week. They’ve got a great tool. “You can use it as the basis for your New Year’s plans, a weekly to-do list in your day timer or on the fridge, or as a guidepost for your journaling or reflective time.” It’s a lifestyle map.

    The intelligence behind success.
    Your Time Quotient (TQ) is a Gold Standard measurement of the actions you take to produce the Results you get over Time.
    TQ measures how smart you ACT, not how smart you ARE.
    More Results In Less Time: The Key To Lasting Success.

    Simpleology is a great way to stay on top of your game.

    Jack Canfield has a couple of very helpful worksheets for you here.

    Rich Schefren has taken the internet by storm. He asks 3 important questions in this blog post.

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