• Bookkeeping Manifesto

    I live and breathe bookkeeping. Accounting is almost my first language – my first year english professor at Dal was convinced English was not my first language, and maybe he’s right.

    Not everyone does. A large component of my business is training people how to do their bookkeeping. But, I also I hear from people that they are not sure about the best ways to go about getting their bookkeeping done and what to do with the information when they get it.

    So I’m writing a Bookkeeping Manifesto. It will answer all questions about the who what where when and why of bookkeeping.

    Bookkeeping isn’t just about satisfying reporting requirements. The information people get from their bookkeeping is like a map they can use to chart the best course for them to reach their goals. They can find out what parts of their business make the most money, where they can do better and make plans for how to reach their ultimate goals.

    I want to clear away the mists and make small business finance clear.

    My request of you is to comment here with questions you have about your bookkeeping and, indeed, any aspect of your business. I’ll use these questions to make sure the Manifesto is addressing the most relevant issues facing small business today.

    Thanks for your help!

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