• Book Review Cash in a Flash

    Mark VictorCash in a Flash book Hansen and Robert G Allen did it again.  After the success of

    They followed up with Cash in a Flash.  It follows the same format of the story of Michelle on one side and the how-to part on the other.

    The take home message is that the only thing stopping us is fear – of failure, of success, of the lizard part of our brains whispering those disempowering thoughts.

    They talk about the difference between products, service and information.  I can sell you a computer, provide computer repair services or I can train you how to use the computer.  They talk about problems you have as being areas of opportunity.  If you have that problem, others will too.  Once you solve it, you can sell that solution.  It could be an ergonomic broom, a support service or an online course.

    They make it clear that a support team is crucial.  They suggest we find a group of like-minded people to support us as we support them.

    The biggest take away is that the only thing stopping any one of us is the ability to say “I can do this and I will start right now”

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