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    A purple cow?  Now that’s something to remark about.

    Being a me-too business gives you me-too results.  In “Purple Cow”, Seth Godin gives us many examples of purple cow companies.  The J. Peterman catalogue descriptions were so over the top that the fictional J. Peterman became a character on Seinfeld.

    How could you modify your product or service so that you show up on the next episode of Saturday Night Live or in a spoof in your industry’s trade journal.

    Other ways to be remarkable include:

    • handmade, original and expensive, watches, motorcycles
    • tightly niched, the only company that sells tadpole pets
    • Unusual -the ugliest, the safest, the easiest to assemble, Hummer, Volvo, Ikea
    • best guarantee, LL Bean, Zappos
    • hip, cool, trendy, the go-to company,


    Don’t be Boring

    Safe is Risky

    Opposite of Remarkable is Very Good

    When you are very good, you stop trying

    What can you do to make people talk about you?

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