• What Does it Take to Make an Effortless Business?

    It comes down to 4 things:


    You know where you are and where you are going.  You know how to do what you want to do.  You know when to ask for help and from whom.

    You know your why.  Your Business Model is clear.  You have policies and procedures in place that everyone follows.  You have an effective financial system (mostly automated) giving you the feedback you need to keep you moving forward.

    Most surprises are good ones.


    Your business can run without your direct input for the day-to-day running.  Everything is in place so you can give it your all.

    Your information is stored appropriately and in a way that makes retrieval easy.  All repetitive tasks are automated.


    The people around you support you and the work you do.  Your team can articulate the common goal; they understand how they fit into the big picture, everyone shares similar values.  Everyone brings their own unique value and everyone appreciates the value others bring.  The team is compatible and able to work independently.  You practice effective delegation.  You coach your team to communicate, collaborate and cooperate.


    You offer true value.  You can do the work efficiently and cost-effectively.  You bill appropriately and you make it easy for others to pay you.

    You have a marketing system in place that attracts the right customers and makes what you offer clear.  People feel they are getting a great deal when they work with you.


    What do you think?  Does that sound right to you?  Which of these do you do well?  Which would you like to work on next?

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