• Reading List – December

    The Virgin Cure by Amy MacKay. I love Ami MacKay’s books, and not just because she’s local and is in the same home-schooling group I was in. Her prose are lyrical and her characters are multi-dimensional.


    Shantaram: a Novel by Gregory David Roberts This was a 900+ page novel so it took most of December to read. It was pretty dark in places, but I couldn’t help feeling total sympathy with the protagonist even as he was hurting people, being hurt and breaking the law. It read more like an autobiography than a novel.


    Midas Touch: why some entrepreneurs get rich and most don’t by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. I wrote a whole post about this one.


    Little Bird of Heaven: a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Is it fate or is it a series of wrong decisions? How many generations should pay? A woman is murdered. Her husband and her lover are both suspected, brought into custody and released without charges, except by popular opinion. This is the story of one’s daughter and the other’s son.

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