This website is about the Business Owners Success Club. I am the person behind that. Following Derek Sivers’ lead, I am adding a /Now page to list what I am working on now. I think it will showcase why I am so passionate about the Business Owners Success Club and where I am coming from with it.

I am building a HUB in my small Town of Kentville, Nova Scotia. This is the second time around and newly revamped. We learned that in rural areas, people don’t need a place to work, they are happy to work from home, but they do need a place to gather with others.  That’s the premise.

I continue to research, think about, write about and discover why small business is so hard. I think I cracked it! We need an operating system that works for small business, not the default MBA model. Now to spread the message.

Business Owners Success Club. Looking for those first 10 sales to get it going. It’s clearly not time yet. But it will be.

I am reading Pema Chodron’s Taking the Leap and Mina Holland’s The World on a Plate and Becky Blanton’s The Homeless Entrepreneur. I’m looking for a great novel among the pile I have and none seem to suit right now.

I’m working on 2 quilts and nurturing a jar of sour dough starter. Keep those creative juices flowing! It’s early spring so I’m thinking about gardens. I live in a rental so it will be pots!