• January. Other Money

    What’s it going to take. What should you do? What can you do to make some other money?
    What to work on
    What to work on
    What to work on

    How do you choose?

    When you focus on one thing you can realize more success with it, but how do you choose?

    You certainly have to like it – you’ll spend a lot of time doing it, in fact, you’ll likely live and breath it.

    So interest is important

    And there has to be a market, which you can identify and who have enough money or enough pain to go get the money to buy your solution.

    So a market is important

    What else?
    How about what you’re good at? Choose what to do based on what comes easily to you. What are your strengths?
    You’re looking for something that you can say:
    You’re better at it and people notice.
    You enjoy doing it – it’s fun
    You feel alive and energized when doing it.
    You continually improve your performance at it.

    If you are looking at new ways to bring in money, look at what you are good at.

    I’ve always been entrepreneurial. Sometimes more successfully than others. over the past 30 years or so, every time I needed to grab some money fast, I’d pick up some bookkeeping work. After about 20 years of that, it finally hit me: bookkeeping was working. I was good at it and people were fast to use my service when I offered it. I really enjoy it, especially working with other small business owners. After a day of working I don’t feel tired, in fact, I feel alive and energized. I enjoy the work so much, I continually read about it, ask questions, research and just generally strive to get better and better. Duh.

    The place to start if you are looking to make Other or More Money is with your strengths.

    For more information about this topic and about making money on the internet this ebook is very good  http://www.strategicprofits.com/download/manifesto.html

    PS. I apologize to all grammarians. I have never ended so many sentences with prepositions before. I have no excuses (sorry about that one too).

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