• What to Start

    What project would be the best use of your time to get you to your goals?

    If your goal is to travel the world. What is the next thing you have to do to begin traveling?

    That will depend upon where you are on your path. For some people it might mean getting themselves to the airport for their flight, for others it might mean make a savings plan so they can put some money aside.

    What you need to start next to reach your goals depends upon where you are going and where you are now in relation to that goal. It is essential that you know where you are going and it is equally essential that you know where you are now.

    It’s much easier to get going when we know where we want to go. Have you ever tried to start a project without really knowing what you wanted to accomplish? This usually happens when it’s someone else’s project.

    Getting where we want to go isn’t all that hard to do – we do it all the time. The hard part is deciding where we want to end up.

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