• Why oh why to Organize a Conference

    The main reason for me to organize an annual Small Business Conference was to be able to speak at a conference. I wanted to and people weren’t banging down my door to get me to speak at theirs. Plus I like going to conferences and having one right here in the Annapolis Valley is very convenient for me.

    The $$ reason was that it is a way for me to promote my company, Crystal Clear Bookkeeping Ltd, myself and the other things I’m doing like this blog and the Our Business Happenings Group (mail OBH@cleartoyou.com if you want an invite).

    In the first 2 years I managed to break even, although the revenue in my company took a big hit as I spent my time doing this and not bookkeeping. In the 3rd year, I made some money and I hope to do it again this year.

    Organizing the Kings County Small Business Conference isn’t necessarily an effective use of my time if I am looking for direct dollar pay backs. But, it is a terrific strategy in the design of my life. More about that in a month or two when we talk about lifestyle design.

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