• Good Days and Bad Days

    I’m working on another blog post, but it’s not going anywhere so I’ll let it simmer for a while longer.

    I want to talk about good days and bad days.  My 100 day challenge is to move my businesses ahead every day.  It’s easy to let days go by just doing it doing it and not getting anything done.  Then there are the days  – I call them getting caught up in the vortex – where things swirl around and I can’t grab an end to get to work on it.

    Monday was like that for me.  I started by working on that other blog post for a while and it kept swirling out of my grasp.  First thing at my office I got a message that threw me for a loop.  As I was devising a strategy to deal with it, I got a strange phone call from a stranger with strange news about a mutual friend.  Even before the dust of that one had settled, I got a call from one of my staff telling me she had taken another job closer to home.

    By that time, my mind was going at hurricane force.  I couldn’t even stay in my chair.  I went home a little early and nested on the couch until time to make supper.

    Needless to say, I hadn’t made progress on anything.  So I was feeling guilty, too.

    Part of the reason I was knocked off my centre (as my friend Jeffrey has explained many times) is that I didn’t have the resiliency to absorb what happened.  I have let some issues slide rather than deal with them because they are tough ones.  Every time I add another lingering issue to that pile it takes away from my resiliency.

    Wobbling WeebleI feel like one of those Weebles that wobble.  It’s like I’m weighing down my base – I’m not centred, I’m filling up my capacity and I can’t move with grace and assurance.  When a couple of more things happen, that’s it, I’m headed home to nest on the couch.

    I was determined on Tuesday to get back on track and I did.  I’ve cleared up some of the lingering issues, there are still a few, but I’ve made progress on them.  I made sure I moved all my projects ahead, even just a little.

    Courage, I need to tap my courage, to take on those things that need dealing with rather than let them sit and weigh me down.  I need to forgive myself when I don’t stay with the program so I’m not dragging that along, too.  I need to make sure I have room so that I have the resilience when I need it.

    What about you?  Do you get days like that?

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