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To get new results we need to do things in a new way. The MBA model doesn't work for small business. We need a new operating system. The SB/OS (small business operating system) is designed to make your small business work for you.

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Join the online community. Don't go it alone! We actively help each other by sharing stories, best practices and offering each other support, advice and hugs as needed.

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These resources will help you craft an operating system that works for you.

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  • 10 ways your business (and life) will be better with SB/OS

    Everything we operate has an operating system – a way to operate it. The more complex the operation, the more complex the operating system. We are told our small business is a complex machine requiring sophisticated marketing, detailed finance, state-of-the […]

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  • The Three Levers in Your Business

    Think of your business as a big machine. You have three levers and they work together.  Your environment works with your experience works with your value exchange.
    Suppose you own an accounting business. Most people think that people go to an […]

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  • What your Customers Want

    You have to know what your customers want to design the journey through your business. This is an oldie, but goodie! Gary Morton, Shaun Whynacht and I trade stories about businesses that do this well and some that don’t.

    Learn how […]

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