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Sometimes the best move is sideways.Learn how to create a Side Hustle to Future Proof Your Life

The Old way isn't working

The old way of running small business is needlessly complicated. We are sold a lie about what it takes to make a successful business. Read more here...

There is a better way

There is a better way. It's a way to run your business that makes sense by focusing on people, not the trappings of business. It's called the Small Business Operating System (SB/OS). Read more here...

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At any moment there are 1000s of things you could be doing. Learn the 7 Best Moves to Make Your Effortless Business

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Who is talking about BOSC?

Places around the web where you can find out more about BOSC and SB/OS

Think Big-Picture Thoughts Weekday activities are often "deep in the weeds," managing the day-to-day and measuring time in hours or days, but weekends are a great time to pull back, says Frances Schagen, founder of the online networking community Business Owners Success Club.

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Working with Frances not only changed my business, but changed my life. First, she helped me believe that anything was possible, then she helped me pinpoint what was most important so we could design the business and life that would get me there. She helped me make the necessary changes of selling one of my businesses, moving the other and streamlining it to work even better. Now I make a great living working from my strengths and I get to spend most of my days close to my horses. You can have the business and life you want and Frances can help you get it. Betty Ann Balcom – Betty Ann Design

Betty Ann Balcom

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