• May belongs to Tribes

    In Tribes Seth Godin tells us to step up and lead. In these days, when people don’t talk to their neighbours, they are looking for ways to connect and it remains to us to help them do that.

    People are looking for relevance. They aren’t interested in small talk, they want to talk about what is interesting to them.

    People can sort themselves into any type of tribe. They are no longer constrained by geography. They can get together about purple wave petunias or be the tribe of people who don’t like purple wave petunias. All people want is someone to help them talk to each other.

    I belong to Seth Godin’s Triiibes, an online group he started and let loose on the world. We’ve written a Q&A book about tribes. Here is a promo made by one of the members of Triiibes. It’s in a contest and could use your vote. Have a look and vote:

    Who can you help to connect? What is your passion to share?

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