• Here’s how to make sampling work to get more customers for you

    Every business has a core focus. It’s not dependent on industry, type of business or where it is. It comes from the leadership. Your core focus is either on people, product or business model.

    You will attract your best customers by being true to your focus. Your language, your forward face and your stories must align with your focus. Talking about your community when you are a business model focused business will confuse people.  Confused people don’t buy.

    The way to get people to buy from you, is to tell stories of your best customers and engage your potential customers with a sample. Your potential customer must see that your solution will solve the problem that they have in a way that works for them. Your sample must align with your focus so that it will ring true to your potential customer.

    That’s why some businesses are wildly successful with a Facebook community while others can’t seem to get many likes. It’s why product sampling works only if you have a remarkable product, and you are product focused. It’s why being fast and convenient only works if that is your focus and it is what your customers want.

    Some people want coffee in a place where they can meet up with their friends or new people. Some people only care about how good your coffee is or what your place is like. Some people want their coffee as fast as possible. You know where to go to get the experience you want. Your customers want that same predictable experience with you.


    What sample can you offer based on your core focus?

    If you are a people centred business offer a free community.

    If you are product centred offer free product – real, virtual or service-based.

    If you are business model centred let people try the way you work.

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