• Social Networking

    Are Social Networking Tools time and energy suckers or do they give you measurable results?

    People who use them well swear by them.

    There are several types:

    Social Groups such as FaceBook and LinkIn

    Bogging on WordPress, Blogger etc

    Micro Blogging like Twitter

    All of these are tools which means you should have a strategy for using them. Otherwise you will find they eat your time and you don’t get any results. Once you know what you want to accomplish you can choose the right mix of tactics and the best ways to use them.

    Social sites are for finding people like you and connecting with them.

    Blogging is a way to show people you know what you are talking about. Your posts should be about the theme of your blog and they should be relevant, helpful and for the benefit of your readers not you.

    Micro blogging should follow the same rules as blogging. Don’t really tell people what you are doing if it’s what you ate for breakfast, but if you are reading a great book, well then share. Here’s a great place to get tips on how to use twitter effectively.

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