• The Best of 2009

    I went to TEDGlobal in Oxford England July 2009.

    This counts as best trip, conference and restaurant meal. (pictures here)

    The trip itself was cool because I had an 11-hour stopover in Iceland so; of course, I went to Reykjavik and then for a soak in the Blue Lagoon. I saw the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park and I spent the weekend after the conference with my cousin, Patricia.

    This brings me to my best restaurant meal. After touring Borough Market, several churches and the Tate Modern, Patricia and I met up with my sister-in-law and her husband at Imli, an Indian Tapas place in Soho. There we were – 4 Canadians, all related, laughing, eating and drinking for hours.

    The TEDGlobal conference was mind-blowing. It is a world-class conference with all the amenities and comfort you could expect. The speakers were amazing. The videos of them don’t capture all the nuances of their personalities that you can see when you are there. The audience is every bit as amazing as the people on stage and everyone is there to immerse themselves in the experience. The venues, the program and the energy were all designed to keep people mixing and moving. It was an enlightening, life-changing experience. It was a stretch for me to get there and I am grateful that I did.


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