• Tad’s Ten things to Take Your Marketing to the Top


    I went to a workshop on Friday given by Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies.  It was marketing for Holistic Practitioners.  These are often people who keep ‘meaning’ to handle their marketing but are a bit ‘allergic’ to notions of sales, marketing and self-promotion. They think it’s kind of gross.

    It was a great day of going deep into some of these basic marketing tactics that we pass over every day.  Consider this to be Marketing 101 – the very basics of what you should have.


    Tad Hargrave, Marketing for Hippies

    Here is the outline of the 10:

    Specialization When you have a plumbing problem, and you are searching the yellow pages, do you choose the biggest ad, or the one that specializes in stubborn blocks, or Victorian renovations or new kitchens?  You choose the one that does what you need done.   When you call them, the conversation is less likely to be about price and more likely about your problem and how/when they can fix it.  It’s not that price is no object, but that you believe that they will get the job done right the first time with less waste and no mistakes.  After all, they’ve done it thousands of times.  You are even prepared to pay more per hour because they will take less time.

    It’s the same with you.  The more you specialize , the more people will pick you when they need your particular solution.  Otherwise, you are just one more in the crowd.

    Website Have a look around your site.  Now is the time to think about sprucing it up.

    Photo How is your photo?  Consider getting a professional photo taken.  This is how people who don’t know you start to get to know you.

    Bio or About page.  This is where you build credibility, become human and start building trust

    Client Date Base Your network is your networth.  Your database is most of the bvalue of your service business.

    Hubs Database Build relationships with people who work with the same people you do.  Find ways to help each other.

    Constant Contact Have a way to stay in contact.  Newsletters, facebook, blog subscriptions etc.  Keep feeding people value.  Stay in touch

    Testimonials Every time you do a great job, ask for a testimonial.  These are essential in providing proof to people who are just finding you.

    Sales Funnel think about what you do.  The people who spend the most with you have usually been with you for a while.  They’ve worked with you on smaller projects and keep coming back for more – because you keep giving them value.  You need to have a range of products and services to draw people in.

    Most of us have most of these things in place.  As I look back, look around and look forward this month, this is a great opportunity to look at my marketing.  In my case, these could use a spruce up and I’m going to work on integrating them so they all work together better.

    Nail these and your business will take off.

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