• What Marketing Worked Best for You This Past Year?

    You did track your marketing didn’t you?   How did most of your clients find you?  How did your best clients find you?

    By far, my best marketing for my bookkeeping business is the Crystal Clear Lunch & Learn.  It takes more effort than money, and well worth it.  I partnered with Nova Scotia Community College at the Waterfront Campus.  I bring in the speakers and market to the business community.  They provide a room, goodies and let the staff and students know.

    It’s great for the speakers because they get to meet new people and their name is on the announcements and in the media releases.

    It’s free for everyone who comes and they get treats.  They get to meet other business owners and hear a new professional.  This is a great way to learn about another professions and professional in a relaxed and open atmosphere.

    I let the service Hubs (business clubs and organizations) know and they pass the information on to their people.  See they’re in the know!

    All good, all the way around.

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