• Who Are Your Best Customers?

    Happy custom

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    Who do you think of that makes you smile? Which appointments and meetings are the highlights of your day? Who pops into your mind when you are thinking about new services and projects to try?

    These are your best customers; the ones who listen to you, respect your opinion, feel good enough about you to disagree, appreciate you and pay you gladly. I know this sounds one sided and you know it’s not. These qualities are the manifestations of a great relationship built on mutual respect and admiration.

    How did you meet? How did you build that relationship? How can you shift your business so you are working with more people like them? Can you? Is there a limit in terms of your time to the number of these relationships you can maintain?

    What if you spent most of your time only with people like this? How would your business and therefore your life be better? How would that feel? This is the way business and life should be. Be clear about who you like to work with and let people know.

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