• Accomplishments in 2010

    Seth Godin has challenged us to publish a list of our accomplishments in 2010.  I answered in Triiibes, a closed, online community that Seth started.  It was pretty easy to do it there because it’s a closed community and I’m active enough in it, that they’ve been along for the ride.  I want to share it here with you because it is a great exercise.

    I started the list after reading Seth’s bakers dozen of accomplishments so I was feeling inadequate and thinking more about what I hadn’t done.  Then I started writing; and I wowed myself.  I did do quite a few things – some of them pretty cool.  I was well out of my comfort zone for some of them too.  Here’s to more of that!

    • Went to NYC to meet Seth Godin and a neat group of people I met online in Triiibes
    • opened a second office for my bookkeeping business
    • started and sold a cab company
    • took my kids on a camping, family travel adventure
    • hired 2 full time staff
    • gathered a team to organize TEDxNovaScotia and got this license
    • read 48 books and blogged about most of them
    • set up and integrated social media for the Business Owners Success Club to join ‘the discussion’
    • helped start and participated in an international, online book club

    Add yours here or link to your list in the comments.  Give yourself the experience of actively writing it down.  It makes a big difference.

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