• Are you Proud of Your Brand?

    It’s election time, here in Canada and the interest groups are out.  As I was walking to my office, I met a group of Pro-Lifers coming the other way.

    Now I’m a feminist and I believe that a woman should have reproductive choice, but I believe that abortion should be the strategy of last choice and not used as birth control.  There are many more things we can be doing to help women have this power and choice.

    This to say, I feel an affinity with the Pro-Life movement.  So, as one does in a small Town, I lifted my head with a smile and a jaunty ‘good morning’ at the ready.

    Not a single one of them looked me in the eye.  Here they were wearing their cause and they weren’t prepared to meet my look.  Let me remind you, this is a small Town, we say hi to each other on the street.  It was very noticeable that they didn’t.

    It got me thinking about how we feel about our brands.  Are we proud of them?  Do we ‘own’ them, deep down inside?  Do we live, comfortably with them?

    If you can’t hold your head high and look people in the eye when you are wearing your brand, maybe you better find out why.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Lovely story (and good question). With my website, I seem to have an easier time talking about it to people online. In person, I hesitate and shrug it off. Most if it is being afraid of how people will respond. Thanks for reminding and encouraging me to be more brave.