• Reading List January 2012

    100 Places to go before they Disappear. This is a book about all the wonderful places being affected by climate change through rising sea levels, retreating ice, changing growing seasons, and loss of groundwater.

    Creating a Forest Garden: working with nature to grow edible crops by Martin Crawford. I saw a movie about Permaculture at the Slow Motion Food Festival. I read a book about it years ago. These systems give the highest return per amount of resources and they are sustainable. We have the space.

    Sing you Home: a novel by Jodi Picoult. A rather simplistic novel with an interesting premise that all works out in the end as we knew it would. I enjoyed it for all that. The book comes with a cd of songs.

    Uncertainty: Turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance by Jonathan Fields. Love this book. I’m not sure about his premise that it takes uncertainty to be creative. I do understand how it takes being open to not being certain. This could be a difference in perception about the word uncertainty. I feel I can boldly explore a place, thought or concept that I’m not certain about, without feeling uncertain. Does that make sense?

    Addendum: I can’t beleive I forgot this one.

    Requiem: a novel by Frances Itani. Jumping back and forth in time from Bin’s childhood in a Japanese internment camp during WW2 to the present as he drives across Canada to see his family after the sudden death of his wife Lena. Well-written story.

    And this one, although it may have been in December.

    100+: how the coming age of longevity will change everything from careers and relationships to family and faith, by Sonia Arrison.  Really enjoyed this book.  A longer time to live changes things. It changes how you view multiple careers, health, inheritance, partners and retirement. How would you change your life if you knew you would live to 150?

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