• Strength in Teams

    Strengths-based leadership is about building a team where everyone works from their strengths and everything gets done well.

    It’s so easy it feels like cheating. When it’s our turn, we breeze through the work we have to do while, of course, doing our best work because the pressure is on. Then we watch while others take on all the heavy lifting. The best part is, everyone feels that way. The project gets completed quickly, the results are great and everyone is raring to get going on the next project.

    How do you create a team like that?

    A strong vision and an interesting why are essential to attracting great people and motivating them to give their best. We’ve talked about that already.

    A strong team is complete with thinkers, doers, people people and communicators. A really strong team has mature enough individuals to not only accept the diversity of the group but to revel in it.

    Everyone is clear on the project, their part in it and how that fits with everyone else.

    Communication is key. The more people know exactly where the project is, the more effective they can be.

    Celebrate successes and learn from failures.

    Maintain a sense of humour.

    What’s the best team you were on? What lessons can you share?


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