• See Yourself Running a Bigger Company

    Big Business

    This week, think about companies you admire.
    What do they look like? What do you admire about them? What industry are they in? How are they run?

    Think about the size they are.
    What size compared to yours? Think about the staff to revenue ratio. Is it similar to yours? Do you think you need more or less staff to get where you want to be? How did they get the revenue they have? Can you do that, too?

    Think about yourself running those companies.
    Do you have the skills? Do you know what to do? Do you want to?

    How does that feel? Exciting? Scary? Exhausting? Exhilarating?

    What would your business be like if you were afraid and did it anyway?

    photo by Herr Hans Gruber

    Here we go on an epic journey together to making the best business and the best life we can.
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