• Are you in Business or in Busyness?

    If you take a jar, pour in sand, then pebbles and try to put in the rocks – they won’t fit.  Put the rocks in first, then the pebbles into the spaces, finally put in the sand; then it all fits.  Not only that, you’ll find there’s always room for a glass of wine.

    That’s how you should manage your time.  If you try to clear up all the little things, then take care of the bigger things before you tackle the important things – you’ll never get to the important things.  You will fill your time with the things that are not important and before you know it, the day is done.

    How is your business doing?

    Get Your Effortless Business assessment. If you don't have all the pieces in place you will continue to struggle no matter how hard you work.

    Find out how your business is doing.

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