• Uncover 4 More Hours: A Pixelated Workshop

    I’m going to start adding a Pixelated Workshop every month based on Mitch Joel’s Pixelated Conference.  This is a compilation of information gleaned from the web around our theme.

    Our theme for February is Uncover 4 More Hours.  It’s a take-off on the 4 hour work week by Timothy Ferris.  I love this book and every time I read it, I save time.  Timothy has a refreshing take on what is the best way to spend your time and consequently your life.  He was forced to step away from his business because of health issues and found that his business did better.  He chooses to geographic arbitrage which is earn in one currency and spend in another.

    The one thing that worked and continues to be something I work on is the information elimination.  Just in time information rather than just in case information.

    The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris

    4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferris speaking at Google

    I love Leo’s blogs.  He lives his philosophy of ZenHabits.  This short video is more of an introduction to him and I suggest you follow up by spending some time at his site.

    ZenHabits – Leo Baubuta

    Long time ago we had to worry about things like sabre toothed tigers eating us.  We carry the vestiges of the appropriate response with us today.  Martha Beck, and Seth Godin, call this our Lizard Brain.  Your lizard brain tells you stories about all the bad things that will happen when you try something new.  Seth Godin tells us some stories about people who quieted the lizard brain to get things done.

    Quiet the Lizard Brain – Seth Godin

    David Allen is the guru of Getting Things Done commonly known as GTD.

    In this video he shows us his office and the tools he uses for his own GTD.

    This next video is a 45 minute workshop at Google by David Allen

    Stephan Sagmaster talks about the value of taking time off.  I saw Stephan in Oxford when he gave this talk and it is the inspiration for this summer’s planned Cross-Canada odyssey with the kids/sabbatical.

    Philip Zimbardo prescribes a healthy take on time

    Natalie MacMaster and Thomas Dolby because there’s always time for music.

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