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    If you are spending your time pursuing your passion you are living a better life than the vast majority of people around you now. Think about that for a minute.

    How many people do you see living the slow death of working at work they don’t even like. While you, you get to do what you love.

    Many people fill their lives with things as a way to make up for the passion that is missing in their lives. We who follow our passion don’t need things. Our lives are already rich.

    Take a walk. An artist will see inspiration everywhere. An artist will return from a long ramble renewed, excited and raring to go. People who live hollow lives will not be able to stand the ‘down time’, their brain will be on overdrive and they will rush back to their homes for their distraction of choice.

    If you are worried about making money, you diminish your ability to experience the joys of your life. Start by recognizing that you are fortunate enough to be doing what you love so you don’t need all the things the Jones’ have.

    We will continue to explore what it takes to create prosperity while pursuing your passion.

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  1. Kamil Ali says:

    Nice post Frances,

    According to you, i think, the person even living without shelter are also a rich person if he’s serving his passion. Yet, mostly, It has been observed that, people forget their passions and go for the highly paid job or atleast better paid (as compare to his earning or zero earning through serving his passion), because by following their passion they have nothing to eat, nothing to give their children and family and no money to survive etc

    Then they find any job that can fullfil their living costs, atleast, and forget what their passions are.

    What’s youe thought on that?

  2. Frances Schagen says:

    Hi Kamil;
    Nice to hear from you.
    I hope we can continue to explore this subject and it brings us to a place where we learn how people can follow their passion and still make a profit.

    I’ve seen enough people do it, that I know it can be done.

    It will not happen all by itself. So I’m not saying people should pursue their passion to the exclusion of everything else, rather that they use their passion as the basis from which to build a living.

    Great question thanks!

    • Kamil Ali says:

      Thanks for your reply Frances,

      How about serving the passion as a side business or hobby. And keep on doing your current (unpassionate) job untill one find an opportunity to switch a passionate job

      • Hi Kamil
        Yes there are many people who have tucked themselves into jobs where they live their passion after work hours. There’s a long tradition of that.

        The danger comes in becoming comfortable with that and never breaking free.

  3. Sanity says:

    The people in the photo look like their passion is LSD, I’m just sayin’.