• Success With Personal Skills

    Prioritizing Tools

    · Why prioritize? TQ page 5 http http://www.thinktq.com/training/todaystq/index.cfm?sa=109316

    · What are your values? Vision and Values page 7

    · How will you spend your time here? Secretan page 10 http://www.secretan.com/

    · Where are you now? Benchmarking page 11

    · Where are you going? Simpleology page 15 http://www.simpleology.com/indexs12.php

    · How will you get there? Action Plan

    Time Best Practices

    1. know what you want to achieve
    2. make it easy
    3. do it
    4. Monitor, assess and change

    Success Blocks

    Why is it that with all the information available today on how to be successful in small business, so few people really are?
    Michael Gerber www.e-myth.com

    How is your business doing?

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