• What Makes you Proud as a Peacock in Your Business?

    Peacock Pair

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    What do you do best?

    Look around at your business. What do you do best in your business; what are you most proud of? About what aspect of business do your friends ask you for advice? What could you write about or speak about on a moment’s notice?

    My strengths according to Strengths Finder are Futuristic, Maximizer, Input, Learner, Strategic. I see what’s coming and the best way to use it. I’m good at finding synergies and opportunities for people and business.

    We all have our strengths and experience; the things we do well in business. Let’s focus on those today.

    When you are working from your strengths, it doesn’t feel like work, you get big results and you are at your happiest. Share your strengths and let’s see how we can help each other.

    How is your business doing?

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