• Other Numbers of Business

    This month we are looking at the numbers of business.  I don’t intend for us to get too deeply into any particular numbers, rather that we get familiar with them and, more importantly, comfortable with them.  Numbers are the language of business.  We use numbers all the time to talk about time, for instance and prices and recipes and pizza slices.  We use numbers for temperature, speed, distance and number of people to invite to a party.

    Numbers can be used for abstract concepts, but more often they are used to describe actual things.

    We’re going to talk about financial statements, cash flows and budgets over the next few weeks.  In all these cases the numbers tell about what has happened or what we are hoping will happen.

    To finish off this discussion, here’s a link to a pixilated workshop about time.

    What’s your best time tip?

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  1. Joshua says:

    One of things I’ve found helpful is to track my time – especially on the computer. Rescue Time gives a good indicator of just how much time I spend doing different things (including what websites I visit). It’s kind of scary seeing the data at first, but it tells me what areas need work.

  2. Time gets away fast, especially when planning travel.

  3. Jodi Kaplan says:

    Tracking time drives me crazy – and I work fast so charging by time would be detrimental.

    I do like to follow Bolaji’s advice though – “eat the frog first” – meaning if there’s something I’m dreading, do that first, get it out of the way and then move on.

    • I hate billing by the hour. I get clients on a monthly fee as soon as possible.

      Do the dreadful stuff first or pass it along to someone else who likes doing it.

      What did you do to get an image for you? This is my blog and I don’t even have an image. I’m looking into this.

      Nice to connect, Jodi.

  4. To see if I got my image to work