• Just ask Seth and Mitch

    I started a post this morning with a recap of progress this week.  There’s quite a bit to say and as I was writing I realized how big each point could get.  An hour or so in and it was messy, rambling and unfocused – still with a few gems but they were well disguised.  So I checked my feeds and found out that, once again Seth Godin and Mitch Joel were reading my mind and had the answers.

    Today’s post is a link to their posts.  If you have a blog, if you write (or want to), if you wonder what it would be like to do those things; check out their posts.

    What I’m getting from them is to write every day, post shorter, more focused thoughts and not devolve into whining (that last is my own admonition – chronicling a story can easily go there and I don’t want to).

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